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Ready-to-use 100 disposable tamper proof seals for gemstones. Spare package

Disposable tamper proof blisters for diamonds and precious stones. A  cost-effective solution for traders that wish to seal securely small batches. Each package contains 100 items suitably selected to create the sealed package. Stones placed on their support are pushed against the plastic shell by the foam rubber with all printed details, so they are clearly visible through the transparent plastic window of the blister. The transparent plastic shell is coupled with a thin silver printable adhesive film that acts as sealing element.
The back side has the look of a silver plate that can be custoized i.e. with your logo or any kind of inscriptions.


  • No sealing machine is required.
  • Create an elegant box to highlight gemstones
  • Customizable back side
  • Tamper proof


A pack of 100 components contain

  • plastic shells
  • stone holders
  • foam rubber cushions
  • labels
  • tags




Technical specifications 
Sealed blister size86x54 mm
Window area25x19 mm
Window height4 mm
Package content100 pcs
Handling weight856 g
Box size (WxDxH)200x245x90mm