Eracle 1.7

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Headband magnifier 1.7 X

Magnifying optical system with interchangeable positive lenses (three choices 1.7X – 2.5X – 3X) for general use: ideal for workshop, quality control, manufacturing environment, or simply as a visual aid. The system can be adapted to your head circumference thanks to the head strap with rubber string.

Eracle magnifier technical features:

Additional lenses are available as accessories. As the magnification and the user’s dioptric power affect the working distance, Eracle can be used while wearing eyeglasses.

The system cand be adjusted to fit the head by through the rubber drawstring, and the internal padding as well as the lightweight structure allows a comfortable wear for longer periods of time.

Eracle can accept Galilean Clio optical system and features glass lenses completely made in Italy.

  • Anatomical head strap
  • Magnification set
  • Simple adjustable silicone lace
  • Replacement sweatband
  • User manual
  • Hex key to tight frame

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