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High power LED cold light source

The selection of a light source depends on the type of application. For a body surface observation it may require the direction of the light beam with particular angles. Instead for image capturing is recommended a coaxial light, possibly a ring light to avoid creating shadows on the object. For spectroscopes or refractometers, a strong source is required and for these GemSET selected the newest LED light.

LED cold light source, constant current system, dimmable, high speed fan cooling system.


Technical specifications 
Color temperatureDaylight (5500-6500 °K)
Illuminance143000 Lx (at 50mm from the fiber output at maximum volume)
Dimming controlContinuous dimming/ 0-5V Analog control / PWM 20Hz 5V
Max. absorption:15W
Power suuply:DC 24V 1.5A power adapter 96-240v / 50/60Hz
Handling weight840 g
Overall size (W x D x H)72 x 186 x 104 mm