Galaxy-C SC

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Modular trinocular gemscope

Perfect for workshop and for gemmological inspection, this version provides a stereo-zoom trinocular optic. Sturdy metal structure with focusing knobs positioned on the track column, specially equipped for gemmology with darkfield & direct halogen tilting reflector.

The optics body is a metal casting structure and a good compromise between a discrete field of view and a fairly high working distance.  Focused images remain clear through the whole zoom range. The dioptric correction is available on both eyepieces, to allows i.e. to custom focusing.

To operate through the photo tube a special selector is provided to switch between the optical path of eyepiece or photo tube.

Its wide range of accessories such as auxiliary lenses for enlargement / reduction, camera adapters and eyepieces confirms the desire to offer a truly modular system.

Key Points:
  • independent eyepiece focus adjustment
  • interpupillary distance adjustment
  • stereo-zoom from 7 to 45 x
  • phototube on the top for cameras
  • body full rotation 360°
  • side mount zoom control system
  • eyepieces WF10x included
  • can be used by glasses-wearing workers
  • space saving stand with double halogen light source included (top and bottom)
  • adjustable top light direction to better direct light on the sample


Technical specifications 
Zoom ratio1 : 6.5
Zoom range0.7x - 4.5x
Photo tube external diameter⌀ 25 mm
Eyepieces tubes diameter⌀ 30 mm
Eyepieces10x / 22 mm
Field of view31.3 ÷ 5.1 mm
Total magnification7x - 45x
Working distance108 mm
Dioptric correction+5 / -5
Interpupillary distance55 - 75 mm
Base size (W x P x H) 180 x 480 x 60 mm
Halogen lights (both)6V / 15W dimmable
Power voltage220V or 110V
Overall size (W x P x H)180 x 240 x 460 mm (focusing system down)
Handling weight5.8 kg

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