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Vertical gemscope two fixed magnifications

Stereo microscope, built especially for gemmological analysis. The ideal solution for education or for amateurs as it’s the most important tool for inclusions and flaws evaluation.

  • independently dimmable darkfield illumination
  • independently dimmable overhead directive light
  • free pivoting support with stone holder
  • binocular stereo zoom 45° optics
  • 10x eyepieces included
  • revolving system for two fix magnifications 1x / 3x
  • adjustable interpupillary distance
  • adjustable visual deficiency
  • handles to adjust progressive focus
  • 108 mm working distance
  • XDT bino stereo optics
  • direct halogen light source


Technical specifications 
Combined magnification10x / 30x (eyepieces 10x)
Eyepiecs10x / 22 mm
Magnification systemrevolver selection 1x/3x
Working distance108 mm
Field of view22 mm / 7.3 mm
Bottom light12v/15w darkfield
Direct light12v/10w daylight filtered
Power supply220v
Handling weight5.4 kg
Product size (W x D x H)180 x 240 x 440 mm

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