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Power generator for optic fiber

The selection of a light source depends on the type of application. When a direct light is required or even a strong source is required, the halogen light generators are the right solution. For a body surface observation it may require the direction of the light beam with particular angles, instead for image capturing is recommended a coaxial light, possibly a ring light to avoid creating shadows on the object.

Essential for identifying difficult gem material or to help detecting synthetic and spot damage or stone weakness. Ideal for seeing scratches and other surface features. Extensively used for inspection of rough stones.

This light source consists of a halogen light generator with high dimmable power. It must necessarily be coupled with a fiber optic light guide, available in various solutions, coaxial for attachment to the microscope objective, or self-supporting flexible and articulated to orient the light beam on the object.

Key features:

  • Power 220v/150w
  • Automatic internal cooling system
  • Adjustable fiber optic pipe connection from 127 to 203 mm diameter
  • Fiber optic light guides not included

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