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Digital gauge


Special gauge for diamonds and precious stones, with special jaws to take both inside and outside measurements, for both loose and set stones. It can be used to assess the tickness of objects as small as melee diamonds as well.

Round shaped head, digital indication, 7-segments LCD display with 3 independent panel keys: ON/OFF, ZERO setting and conversion mm/inch.

A leatherette case is provided.

Key features

  • Special jaws to take both inside and outside measurements
  • For use with both loose and set stones
  • Battery powered
  • LCD display
  • It fits in one hand



Technical specifications 
Range0 - 25 mm / 0 - 1"
Readability0.01 mm / 0.0005"
Power supply1 button cell SR44 1.55V
Handling weight128 g
Product size (L x H x W)56 x 97 x 15 mm
Case size (W x P x H)120 x 70 x 30 mm
Working temperature0 - 40 °C