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Optical refractometer

One of the fastest and most effective tool for gemstones identification, used to measure the gem’s refractive index. Thanks to the polarizing filter, it’s also possible to verify if the gemstone is birefringent. Advanced refractometry techniques allow to determine the optical axes number of a birefringent gemstone, and its optical sign as well. Use of a contact liquid required.

  • table in stainless steel
  • two stage of lighting: bright for opaque gemstone/ dark for transparent gemstone
  • powerful and versatile tool for fieldwork
  • contact liquid included
  • elegant metallic case included
  • internal light
  • cubic zirconia prism


Technical specifications 
Scale1.35 - 1.81 nD
Accuracy0.002 nD
Weight330 g
Size (W x D x H)35 x 110 x 70 mm


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