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GIA shaped tilting stand

Professional gemmological stand ergonomically designed to adapt the microscope to all working postures. It features a ball bearings rotating foot to position the equipment easily and quickly and a tilting system to ensure maximum comfort in any working condition and to adapt the asset to the seat height. The working table is equipped with pivoting tweezers and an iris diaphragm to control the light flow on the gemstone, both with dark or bright field observation.

Three independent light sources: a halogen 20W bulb dimmable for bottom lighting, a direct fluorescent daylight light for surface observation or diamond color grading and a third articulated flexible arm LED. Optics not included.


Key points:
  • tilting asset
  • rotating foot
  • 20W independently dimmable darkfield illumination
  • articulated flexible arm to orient LED white light on to the gem
  • direct daylight overhead
  • free pivoting support with stone holder
  • handles to adjust progressive focus
  • optics are not included


Technical specifications 
Optics support ring⌀ 76 mm
Base size (⌀ x H)250 x 60 mm
Darkfield bottom light20W dimmable
Direct daylight 7W
Power voltage220V or 110V
Overall size (⌀ x H)250 x 490 mm (focusing system down)
Handling weight6.2 kg