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Tilting binocular gemscope

This ergonomic stand facilitates proper posture by tilting and rotating itself as much as needed. The base mounted on ball bearings disk, rotates 360° so it can be also used for teaching purposes. Depending on the phisical stance or the seat height, it can be tilted to ensure maximum comfort in any working condition.

The darkfield pit can be switched between dark or bright and is powered by a 30W dimmable halogen light source. On the working area a fluorescence daylight light allows the observation of the diamonds external surface or diamonds color grading.

Shock-proof plastic housing with both sides knobs for zoom control featuring click-stops at notches intervals. The eyepiece tube is 35 degrees angled, instead of the normal 45 degrees, this enables the user to make observations with a straight back, without having to bend over, this also reduces fatigue when spending hours observing through the microscope.
The high-eyepoint eyepieces feature a built-in diopter adjustment, which brings the image into focus simultaneously. The zoom ratio of 6.8 provides high quality conditions when used for quality control, showing images with minimal curvature of field. Dioptric correction available on both eyepieces. Interpupillary distance adjustment.

Key points:
  • eyepieces WF10x/23 included
  • can be used by glasses-wearing workers
  • independent eyepiece focus adjustment
  • interpupillary distance adjustment
  • side mount zoom control system with click-stops
  • body full rotation 360°
  • handles to adjust progressive focus
  • tilting asset
  • rotating foot
  • strong 30W dimmable darkfield illumination
  • direct daylight overhead
  • free pivoting support with stone holder
  • handles to adjust progressive focus
  • optics are not included


Technical specifications 
Zoom ratio1 : 6.8
Zoom range0.68x - 4.7x
Eyepieces tubes diameter⌀ 30 mm
Eyepieces10x / 23 mm
Field of view33.8 ÷ 4.9 mm
Total magnification6.8x - 47x
Working distance110 mm
Dioptric correction+5 / -5
Interpupillary distance55 - 75 mm
Base size (W x D x H)230 x 270 x 60 mm
Darkfield bottom light30W dimmable
Direct daylight9W
Power voltage220V or 110V
Overall size (W x D x H)230 x 270 x 490 mm (focusing system down)
Handling weight8.6 kg