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Prism spectroscope

Spectroscopes allow to see the absorption at specific wavelengths of gemological materials, by separating the light that passes through the gemstone in a visible spectrum. They are a must have for a gemmologist and are used to define specific optical properties of the gemstones, for example if they are isotropic or anisotropic.

This Prism spectroscope is provided with wavelength scale to make reading easy. High quality optics to give a clear, bright image, it is more accurate than the diffraction grating version. The moveable tube makes focusing easy.

  • metal body
  • easy to use
  • with graduated scale
  • perfect for on field analysis
  • reference chart required
  • strong external light source required (not included)



Technical specifications 
Wavelenght rangevisible spectrum
Handling weight226 g
Product size (L x W)104 x 50 mm