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Ball bearing boom stand

Ball bearing sliding arm with heavy foot. This boom stand includes universal arm with focusing system for optics and it represents the most valuable solution to combine high stability and gentle movement of the optical body thanks to the horizontal arm sliding on ball bearings.

The stand consists of a heavy plate with pole that crosses a horizontal sliding arm, a sturdy structure to grant a total absence of vibrations.
The choice of the right optics is very important to meet both technical and economic needs. Working for prolonged or for limited periods, the working distance, the type of processing, the shape of the object to be crafted, the need to take pictures, must be considered since all of these affect the choice of the optics and its best configuration (magnification, distance, area, transparency, chromaticity).

Key features:

  • Sturdy stand to keep the optics firmly
  • Adjustable height and offset
  • ⌀ 84 mm optics support
  • The universal arm besides providing the focusing system, allows to tilt the optics as needed up to 90°
  • Wide working area and distance allowed
  • Can be positioned anywhere
  • Also for large objects observation
  • Optics are not included