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Diascopic low profile wide stand

Track stand for XTG and SM optics. Wide basement low profile with double LED light source for bottom (indirect) and top (direct) illumination of the object.

The focusing system consists of an arm with optic body support ring ⌀ 76 mm and two opposite knobs positioned both sides on the stand column (friction allowed by turning each knob in the opposite direction).

  • top & bottom LED illumination
  • optics support ring ø 76 mm
  • wide basement very stable
  • independent dimmer control for both light sources
  • swinging top light for direct light observation
  • optics not included


Technical specifications 
Optic support ring⌀ 76 mm
Distance rack / optical axis150 mm
Highest arm position
Focusing range
Glass plate for specimen⌀ 99 mm
Base size (W x D x H)296 x 331 x 324 mm
Top light source
Bottom light source
Power supply220v - 50 Hz
Handling weight3.5 kg