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Binocular optics

The XTD binocular optics are an entry level solution, and easy to use thanks to its two fixed magnifications. They have a 45 degrees observation angle and are not provided of zoom. XTD binocular optics are modular like XTS series with the same wide range of accessories such as auxiliary lenses for enlargement / reduction and eyepieces.

Dioptric correction available on both eyepieces. Interpupillary distance adjustment.

Key features:

  • independent eyepiece focus adjustment
  • interpupillary distance adjustment
  • body full rotation 360°
  • revolving system to switch 1x or 3x
  • eyepieces WF10x/22mm included
  • can be used by glasses-wearing workers


Technical specifications 
Body magnification1x / 3x
Combined magnification10x and 30x
Working distance108 mm (without auxiliary lenses)
Dioptric correction+5 / -5
Field of view22 mm / 7.3 mm (10x / 22mm eyepieces)
Interpupillary distance55 - 75 mm
Coupling ring diameter⌀ 83 mm