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MOE gauge

A very ancient type of gauge still in use thank to its lightweight construction. A convenient way for quick estimates of carat weight without the need to remove stones from their settings. Used to estimate carat weight with four basic diamond shapes (round, marquise, emerald, and pear) without removing stones from mounting.

Simply measuring depth and diameter/width with caliper, then comparing by crossing results with tables in the reference booklet provided. The weight result is shown depending on Fine edge, Light edge, Medium edge and Heavy edge, from 0.18 to 11.31 carats.

  • lightweight easy to handle
  • can be used for mounted stones
  • conversion chart included


Technical specifications 
Weight range0.18 - 11.31 cts
Handling weight34 g
Product size (L x W x H)110 x 55 X 1 mm
Bag size (L x W x H)145 x 85 x 2 mm