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Dial Pearl gauge 0-20 mm, resolution 0.1 mm

Professional precision gauge for frequent use and quick measurements. Excellent for pearls or any other round shaped stones, it’s built with fine materials and long performing springs to grant accuracy over time. The delicate jaws that push against the pearl are built to perform a constant and smooth action, so the sample’s integrity is preserved.

  • Up to 20.0 mm
  • Increments of 0.1mm
  • Metal blue body
  • Wide flat measuring jaws
  • High quality made in Japan gauge
  • Zero adjustment is performed by turning the dial
  • Comes with a rigid cardboard box


Technical specifications 
Range0 - 20 mm
Readability0.1 mm
Handling weight96 g
Product size55x80 mm
Case size (WxPxH)105x75x30 mm