Dione 3-40

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Spectacle frame magnifier

Spectacle frame for magnifiers especially conceived for gemsetters and for lab repairs. Setting without protective lens for Galilean or Keplerian systems available in many options such as 2x, 2.5x, 3x or higher up to 10x with prismatic (Keplerian) systems.

When a magnifying optical system is required and compromises are not accepted with the working distance, the Galilean and Keplerian systems are the solution. All these visual aids are made in Italy with excellent quality solutions at extremely competitive prices. Our products are treated in every detail and designed to offer maximum comfort in order to reduce the proximal visual stress caused by a working routine that forces the eye to look at small details.

Thanks to our workshop, we can offer the right solution to our customer, even customizing the product according to the medical prescription.

Technical features

  • Prismatic telescopes with magnification from 3X to 10X
  • Optical group focused and collimated at the required working distance, between 25 and 60 cm
  • Optimal working distance, regardless of magnifying factor
  • Corrective lenses allowed in telescopes
  • Adjustable interpupillary distance
  • Headband adjustment through rubber drawstring
  • Comfortable fit thanks to the soft nose pad
  • Lightweight structure


Technical specifications 
Magnification systemKeplerian
Magnification factor3x
Working distance40 cm
Handling weight (basic setting)89 g