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Double pipe fiber optics

Self-supported double pipe guide, dual swan-neck light guides for independent sample illumination without affecting the temperature of the sample.
Best used with stereo microscope for incident illumination and transillumination. Flexible gooseneck pipe lets you illuminate specimens from a variety of angles. Pipe remains at ambient temperature for safe adjustment. Gooseneck also grants position of light for reduced glare and increased eye comfort.
From a single source the light can be directed to two different locations.

Technical features:

  • Light source: FBX series LED technology
  • Connection: slide lock type
  • Consistency: both guides hard self supported
  • Color: black
  • Outer jacket material: metal alloy
  • Lens: OD 8.8 mm


Technical specifications 
Light spot diameter⌀ 34 mm at 50 mm distance
Focal lenght28 mm
Junction⌀ 22 mm
Max extension550 mm