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Overhanging stand with clamp attachment and articulated arm

This articulated arm stand is designed to allow movement in freedom, it’s a great solution for the observation of large objects or in presence of special equipment during production process.
The frame structure consists of a parallelogram that ensures unchanged tilt position of the optical body also when raising or lowering the arm, or when extending or compacting it. The condition is to keep the optical head steady, without vibrations or hopping during observation, or else with the right inclination to ensure correct operator posture during process.
The stand has to be properly matched with the right optics, identifying the solution that best meets both technical and economic needs. Working for prolonged or for limited periods, the working distance, the type of processing, the shape of the object to be crafted, the need to take pictures, must be considered since all of these affect the choice of the optics and its best configuration (magnification, distance, area, transparency, chromaticity).

Key features:

  • Sturdy stand to keep the optics firmly
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • Wide working area and distance allowed
  • Supports all types of optics
  • Clamp attachment saves workspace