15x Widefield eyepieces

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Pair of widefield eyepieces for XTG optic bodies. These widefield eyepieces have each a WF 15x magnification.

Eyepieces together with the objectives are the elements that directly contribute to microscope configuration. Eyepieces affect the magnifying factor but not the working distance. As the eyepiece is the element that comes in contact with the eyes, a clear vision together with dioptric adjustment become important to compensate low vision deseases.

When using optical bodies with video tubes, the magnification factor following to eyepieces selection doesn’t affect at all the result of image capturing system.

Technical features:
  • wide field
  • metal body
  • plug-in ⌀ 30 mm



Technical specifications 
Field at 15x⌀ 16 mm
Field range⌀ 22.9 ÷ 3.6 mm (Objective lens 1x)
Plug-in diameter⌀ 30 mm